2013 Senior – Ashley – O’Fallon, IL High School – GO PANTHERS!

It is time to get back on the blogging train.  Here goes nothing. . .

Ashley’s Senior Session.  We started in Downtown O’Fallon, IL, near the caboose, and we ended at Rock Springs Park.  I am beginning to like shooting in that park, near the open field with the tall grass.  🙂
 photo IMG_8607_zps45f4bf21.jpgAshley’s Mom and I used to work together at a law firm.  I had only met Ashley one time before her shoot.  She is a smart and beautiful young lady!
 photo IMG_8623_zpsfbd2ae5b.jpg
 photo IMG_8636_zps1513d34c.jpg
 photo IMG_8665_zps422a88d1.jpg
 photo IMG_8680_zps5f439ae5.jpg
 photo IMG_8685_zps99669902.jpg
 photo IMG_8693_zps4fffdd14.jpg
 photo IMG_8695_zps46152820.jpg
 photo IMG_8708_zps2d5100c3.jpg
 photo IMG_8726_zps64c5a97d.jpg
 photo IMG_8736_zps41a3110b.jpg
 photo IMG_8743_zpsa5ad6cfc.jpg

 photo IMG_8755_zps72124082.jpg
 photo IMG_8756_zps24fd52f9.jpgI was having a ton of fun with her and her cute little hat!!
 photo IMG_8759_zps3cc75c46.jpg
 photo IMG_8765_zps3d069700.jpg
 photo IMG_8775_zpsfca10f47.jpg
 photo IMG_8776-2_zps0a2291b4.jpg
I couldn’t decide if I liked the B&W or color better!
 photo IMG_8776_zpsa394d408.jpgShe can definitely pull off the serious look!
 photo IMG_8777_zps275dd18f.jpgAshley is headed to Nevada for college.  BEST of luck to her in her journey!
 photo IMG_8787-1_zps97ab1e2a.jpgLady in red….
 photo IMG_8801_zps6dd6860f.jpgIf I were wearing these, I would have definitely broke my ankle.  I was impressed how good she walked in them, and in the grass too!
 photo IMG_8804_zps99a65330.jpgThis is her Senior Homecoming dress.  So cute! photo IMG_8811_zps84abee87.jpg
 photo IMG_8819_zps92b02d9e.jpg
 photo IMG_8841_zps51649428.jpg
 photo IMG_8846_zps6871df33.jpg
 photo IMG_8858_zpsbb98ace3.jpg
 photo IMG_8859_zps881236c7.jpgI like the serious look, but I like the pretty smiles too!
 photo IMG_8861_zpse0d5bc0c.jpg
 photo IMG_8874_zps70e147fa.jpg

 photo IMG_8890_zps73bc20e0.jpg
 photo IMG_8907_zps3ccaa8a9.jpgAshley in her Senior Prom dress.
 photo IMG_8917_zps246d10d9.jpg

 photo IMG_8932_zps60472803.jpg

Again, best of luck at the University of Nevada, Ashley!!!  =D


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