Blogger Press Conference | Seelen Photography Photoshoots are FUN

Yesterday I had the opportunity to sit in on a blogger press conference. Four St. Louis bloggers on the panel (who were found/researched by yours truly), and lots of interesting questions from the audience (which is where I sat). We heard from: The Extraordinary Mommy (Danielle Elliott), David Strom’s Web Informant, The Strategic Learner (John E. Smith), and The Intentional Employee (Bert Purdy). All were so interesting and great public speakers. The press conference will air on ABC 30 on Sunday morning at 9:00a.m., February 17th. It was quite an interesting day, to say the least.

It reminded me that I, Trisha Lyn (Jacoby) Seelen, made a promise to myself, and to Seelen Photography, for 2013 to BLOG MORE. So, here I am, one week since the last time I posted. GO ME!

As I sat there listening to them speak, I kept thinking to myself….”Where do they find the time to do this?” “Where do they find the content?” etc. So, I hope to be able to find the time to post at LEAST once a week, and because Winter is the slow season, some of these next posts are going to be quite random, for sure.

Seelen Photography photo shoots are fun! There are many things that are important to me when capturing the events of one’s life, but there are two that stand out as the most important to me. 1) I want to shoot crisp, bright, COLORFUL images for my clients and; 2) I want my clients, and especially their children, to HAVE FUN!! No boring ol’ portrait session at a boring ol’ photo studio with those boring ol’ backgrounds. SP photo sessions are lifestyle sessions as well, so playing and having a good time is definitely on the to-do list for photo shoot day. And, although I do like to get a couple of those formal posed portraits, which are the ones that most clients like to order to hang on their wall; if a child isn’t always looking directly at the camera and smiling formally or if they are playing and goofing off, that is nothing to fret over. Those are usually the shots that are the most popular, because they are out of the ordinary and fun to look at!

I was finishing up editing photos for my friend from her family session in the Fall. (HEY, it’s what happens when you’re a friend or family and you get a discount because of that. Full paying clients, are definitly at the top of the editing to-do list. Sorry friends and family!) 😉 While editing these photos, I came across a series of photos of her daughter, the middle child (as is yours truly), who just likes to have fun and play. So, we let her have fun and play, and consequently, I have approximately 45 or so photos of her playing on the monkey bars, which is her favorite thing to do. Surely, these two images that I chose as my favorites, will be images my friend will look at in the future to make her smile, and that even many more years down the road, little one will look at of herself and make her smile as well.

So, when you are preparing for your Seelen Photography family photo session, make sure you also pack some of your “FUN” clothes. =D

St. Louis Family Portrait Photographer; Southern Illinois Family Portrait Photographer


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